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26.11.2006 CACIB Zagreb
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25.11.2006 CACIB Zagreb

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bearded collie
bearded collie

A lean active dog, longer than it is high. Movement is smooth and long reaching, covering the ground with the minimum of effort.

Undercoat is soft and furry. Outercoat flat, harsh, strong and shaggy, free from woolliness and curl, though a slight wave is permissible. Long hair on dog's face creates a typical beard.

Colour can be slate grey, reddish fawn, black, blue, all shades of grey, brown and sandy, with or without white markings.

The temperament is steady, with no signs of nervousness or aggression. Beardies are very active and playful.

Height at shoulder :
males 53 - 56 cm
females 51 - 53 cm

Weight: 18 - 27 kg

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