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26.11.2006 CACIB Zagreb
25.11.2006 Special show Zagreb
25.11.2006 CACIB Zagreb

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old english sheepdog
old english sheepdog

Typical characteristics are thick and dense coat with waterproof undercoat, rising topline and bear-like movement.

Puppies are born black & white, but during their growth hair quality changes and colour becomes gray.

They weigh between 25 and 45 kg. Height at shoulder is 58 cm or more for males, and 56 cm or more for females.

Expected lifespan is between 10 and 14 years.

They need lots of exercise, but can't be classified as hyperactive dogs.

Owner's presence is most important to them. Calm and stable nature makes them ideal family dogs.

They're nice and friendly with other dogs and people, however if provoked they won't hesitate to defend their owners.

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